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StrongBlock is known to have good community backing. This collaboration with Fantom will open up a door of opportunities for its users exposed to new and innovative blockchain companies such as Fantom and gain rewards. To further incentivize its users, the node service provider recently launched an NFT line which node operators can stake for even more earnings. 

Fantom will be subsidizing a portion of its node rewards for the StrongBlock community, who will receive the rewards in FTM tokens. This will be a significant advantage for the users as they can leverage these tokens in diverse ways, such as investing them in the project for passive income, among other purposes.

CEO of Fantom, Michael Kong, is ‘extremely confident’ that this partnership would boost the awareness and reliability of the platform. 

StrongBlock has created about 77000 nodes until now, with a participant count of over 11500 on the platform. Thus, the platform provides networks with the necessary resources to accomplish better security, decentralization, and diversity with these nodes. This will be of great value to the Fantom blockchain. However, it doesn’t stop there. 

StrongBlock also intends to initiate plans for building an innovative validator and also node pool. Soon, StrongBlock might also become a Fantom validator. 

David Moss, the founder of StrongBlock, has immense faith in the STRONG node army that continues to grow vibrantly with this new opportunity headed their way. He also believes that the community will be of great value to Fantom in its expansion and adoption.